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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


For my graduation I got a very generous present, a brand spanking new sewing machine.  For my first ever sewing project I naively decided to make curtains for my two living room windows. Unknown to me this was a much harder job than I first anticipated....

I live in an old Victorian property and my windows are 3m in height but unfortunately the width of my living room is not much bigger. Overall I needed 15m of fabric plus 15m of lining and trying to lay this amount of fabric out flat to cut straight was a nightmare.  On top of this I chose to make them from 100% silk by James Brindley which was an eye watering ££ a meter meaning I broke out in a nervous sweat with every cut of my scissors. Once the stress of cutting the fabric was out of the way I moved on to arguing with my stupidly fancy machine ( if only i had read the manual before starting). Rookie mistake!!

Aside for the volume of fabric I was dealing with in such a small space and bullishly thinking I didn't need to read the instructions for my sewing machine the curtain making continued with only a few minor hiccups.

I really am chuffed with them now that they are finished and hung although I don't think I will be rushing to make another pair for a while.

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