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Monday, 27 September 2010


Currently I am working with a client who has requested some mood/ sample boards for their kitchen, master bedroom and guest room. This is one of my favourite parts of my job as I get to indulge my inner child with some cutting, gluing and colouring. But on a more grown up note mood/sample boards allow me to describe the tone and style of the room I am designing.  It’s great when you are working with someone who shares your enthusiasm and wants to see your vision physically. Creating mood/sample boards allows the client to do so. However it is also a good tool to find out exactly what the client likes and doesn’t like as we can add and remove things where necessary. A mood board normally includes photos, magazine clippings, fabric samples, sketches etc and usually they are not to be interpreted literally. However in this case due to discussions with the client my boards include window treatment designs and fabrics specific to their needs. 

Keeping it zingy and fresh with a lime and white colour scheme. Introducing black in the window dressings, appliances and utensils to anchor and add depth to the room.

This is a confident and crisp look; brilliant white walls, bed linen, and furniture with a dramatic splash of scarlet panache. 

Dove grey walls, navy and moss soft furnishings create a modern space inspired by Abigial Ahern's innovative interiors. 

I hope you have enjoyed my first post! 

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