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Thursday, 7 October 2010


....at some upholstery.

I have recently joined an upholstery class with the hopes of turning this Parker Knoll Froxfield Chair which currently looks like a nursing home chair into something more spectacular. The shape of the chair is great, very elegant and lady like, however the nasty, dusty, salmon pink fabric must go...pronto!

Its a 10 week course...and if tonight's class was anything to go by the first half will be spent removing millions of staples. However it's so interesting to take apart something and really get into the guts of it and understand how it was put together. By learning how to upholster and understanding the process that furniture goes though I hope to be able to give clients the best knowledge and advise that I can on fabrics, designs for soft furnishings...

....and hopefully along the way I might get a stunning chair for my living room!!

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